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    Angry TS3 and FSX conflict?

    I have the following problem, but not always, let's say 80% of the time.

    When I start TS3 before FSX, FSX will crash when starting a flight.
    When I start FSX before TS3, FSX will run ok, but TS3 will block out voice sounds in FSX.
    When I start FSX and my flight before TS3, FSX will run ok, but TS3 will persistently tell me that my playbackdevice is not active/disabled. Most of the time I can get them to work switching back and forth Playback mode and Playback device from defaults to specific ones, but this is driving me MAD!

    Both FSX and TS3 are running as administrator. If I don't do that, problems are there 100% instead of 80% of the time.

    Any pointers on how to get rid of this?
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    Is this the latest client and is there something in your client log?
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    nothing in the clientlog, but now I don't seem to have the problem. Will try to recreate and when it occurs again, will post the client log.

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