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    Post [RELEASE] CrossTalk

    CrossTalk - What’s that?

    CrossTalk is a Teamspeak 3 plugin that enhances the general audio experience and provides advanced features for commanders.

    Current Features:

    Stereo Position Spread

    Click image for larger version. 

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    When multiple people are talking at the same time, which tends to happen, they are harder to understand than necessary. First, our brain is a lot better at decyphering those noises into language if they are located at seperate positions. Second, when two or more people are talking, the client mixer will possibly not have the headroom to keep things from distorting/generating artifacts. This module shall help on both of these issues.

    In advanced mode, you can reserve specific regions for certain types of incoming audio streams: Have whispers on the right, secondary tabs on the left, current in the middle (if conflicting, they'll also be spread inside their regions). I've pre-set it for whispers usually being the most important incoming communication to the right side to be in consistency to "right ear language dominance", however, especially if you're left handed, you might have more satisfactory results switching those around. Just try it.

    Channel Ducking

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    In short:
    Reduces the volume of speakers in the channel of the currently active server tab as soon as a whisper comes in or someone talks on another server tab (in common scenarios this is some kind of commander channel).
    Longer version:
    In case you haven't heard of ducking, let's start with that. Ducking is the reduction of a target channels volume dependant on the activity on a source channel. Usually, the actual sound volume of the source channel is analyzed to modify the reduction of the target channel. Here, however, keeping in mind we don't want to add either sound or reaction latency, the talk status is used as trigger, the reduction solely determined by the setting. So now, the only question left would be: What's the source? What's the target?
    Whispers are always sources, you can either set your current server tab to be the target, thereby adding other server tabs as sources, or the other way round - depending on your needs.
    You may be able to reduce the ducking amount / set less reduction if you have the SPS module enabled due to the nature of this modules enhancement in understanding multiple people; so there's some interference between both settings regarding the fine tuning.

    Cross-Server Push-to-Talk & Whispering

    This is currently implemented using Plugin Commands and Hotkeys, I may or may not provide a proper GUI for setup, once it is possible via the API to specify key down/up.

    Other places:

    CrossTalk on the Teamspeak addons section.
    The CrossTalk project on GitHub.

    Version History:
    1.0.1 Changes:
    • pressing the SnT Button now opens a wiki manual in the browser
    • deprecated Hotkey "TS3_NEXT_TAB_AND_TALK_END"
    • deprecated Hotkey "TS3_NEXT_TAB_AND_WHISPER_END"
    • fixed a potential crash on plugin commands specifying a target server
    • fixed crash on enabling plugin while connected to multiple tabs
    • Provide temporary module-disabling to the SPS module so that specialized plugins like ACRE can disable it when their relevant process is detected
    • Command Parsing changes
    • code cleanup

    1.0.0 Initial public release.

    ToDo/Under Consideration:
    • Scheduled for 1.0.2: VUP, Very Unimportant Person, MusicBots and such as global duck targets of any other audio source
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