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    TS3 Service Wrapper Issue

    Well I have searched and searched and can't find anything on this so I apoligize up front if anyone has already posted on this.

    I just updated to TS3 server 64 bit from 3.0.5.something don't remember. Anyway when I went to reinstall the TS3 service wrapper ,version, TS3 won't start from the service wrapper. Here is my settings and I doubled checked them.

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
    <add key="StartupFile" value="C:\Program Files (x86)\teamspeak3-server_win64\ts3server_win64.exe"/>
    <add key="WorkingDirectory" value="C:\Program Files (x86)\teamspeak3-server_win64"/>
    <add key="StartupParameters" value="query_port=10011 query_ip="/>
    <add key="HideProcess" value="false"/>

    This is on Server 2008 64bit.

    Any ideas? anyone else haveing the problem?

    I knew I should not have updated everything was working fine till I update.

    Also if I launch TS3 Server with out the wrapper it works fine.


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    here and there..
    Quote Originally Posted by tscritt View Post
    <add key="StartupFile" value="C:\Program Files (x86)\teamspeak3-server_win64\ts3server_win64.exe"/>
    I have no win server, but on my OS he can't start my ts3client if there is a "/" behinde the ".exe"

    Sry, that is my onlyest idea ^^

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    Well, what springs to attention, is that a 64 bit application is installed in the location for 32 bit ones. I wouldn't be aware of this necessarily causing problems, however generally would try to avoid that. Maybe move the Server to a location where issues with uad/permissions and such can also be excluded. Given this somewhat unusual Installation location I could also imagine it pointing to a wrong path, Service/Server mismatch 32/64. I don't know the way this wrapper wraps, however there generally can be problems when trying to use 64 with 32.

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    I finally figured it out it was an issue with the Team Speak Server. Apparently I was telling the service wrapper to start the exe directly and I needed to start the shortcut that passes and admin password to the Team Speak Server program. Any way got it working.

    Thanks for the Help.

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