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    [Request] Much needed feature - Delay deillumination of talk icon.

    I'm an administrator on a large teamspeak server, and I have an issue where members will slurp quite loudly in their microphone repeatedly while I'm coding and have the teamspeak minimized. By the time I open up teamspeak, their icon is no longer illuminated, and because of the frequency of people speaking it's not viable to middle-mouse to check last talk time in order to remove their talk power.

    With this request, I believe the orb should fade from blue to red over the course of x seconds, user definable in the menu. Additionally, next to their name, display an x second ( 10 second by default ) graph displaying loudness. For a slurp it would probably look like ( # = blank space )
    ____/######\_____ making it very clear who is abusing talk power.

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    The reason, why you need such a feature is not bearable for us.
    Maybe it would look nice, when the bulps fade out, but we won't add sucha feature.
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    How is it not bearable; it would provide a very simple yet intelligent UI design element that would provide concise information of who last spoke; this could be done client side using an O(1) operation to fade over dT? The reason I'd like the bulb feature is simply to tell who last spoke by the time I open my client.

    Alternatively the audio level graph could be even more useful by showing who last spoke and at what level of volume they spoke, we currently have access to all or most of this information in middle mouse dialog, but there is no efficient way of displaying that information on the UI for a "quick-glance"; it currently requires analyzing a bunch of numbers, something more suited for graphical display in the form of a graph.

    Please let me know what you decide, I may brush off the old VS and implement this myself, or using the lua plugin.

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    He probably means it's not their job to solve your social problems.
    Ask who's doing it in the channel you're in and ask them to stop, or go to another channel.

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