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    Teamspeak Client Issue - Voice captured in any application but Teamspeak.

    Before I begin, I'd just like to say that I have everything set up properly in TS3 and Windows—hotkey profiles, drivers, windows audio settings, capture and playback settings etc. I don't make a post on a tech support board unless I really have to.

    OS: Windows 7
    SC: (Integrated) Realtek® ALC887

    I own a Trutle Beach Earforce PX5, known among many of it's buyers for it's spectacular sound quality but absolutely awful microphone quality, which isn't due to the microphone itself but the integrated Bluetooth being unable to transmit a high quality audio signal. Fortunately, the microphone detaches directly from the headset and thus far I've been able to use a cable connection from the microphone to my Realtek SC.

    It works great in Ableton Live, Windows, Skype, Mumble, Ventrilo, Steam, Xfire and any game I play that has an integrated voice chat system. It works well with every application except Teamspeak. Whenever I try to test the microphone in Teamspeak or try to use it in a lobby, it doesn't capture my voice. It works just fine when I have the integrated Bluetooth enabled and Teamspeak set to capture audio from it, which leads me to believe it may be an issue with Teamspeak and my Realtek card.

    I've reinstalled the audio driver for my Realtek card and Teamspeak itself and am using the latest version of both at the time of writing this post. I've also tried rolling back my Realtek audio driver to no avail. I've also tried capturing the mic signal through my speaker device, then capturing the signal from my speaker device using my stereo mixer, then setting Teamspeak to capture the signal from the stereo mixer and still nothing.

    I've spent a good two hours trying to solve this problem, trying out various settings combinations in Teamspeak and Windows, searching the internet (thoroughly) and of course what I've already mentioned. I'm fairly certain that I've exhausted the possibilities of what I can do with the knowledge I have. Using the integrated Bluetooth is not an option, the poor signal quality just doesn't cut it for me or for the people that have to listen to me.

    I would kindly appreciate any assistance anyone can offer with this matter.

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    I boosted the microphone using both Windows and screwed around with some audio effects and a compressor in Ableton live, I can hear my voice now, only a tad, through the Teamspeak test.

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