Hi Teamspeakguys,

i registered a npl license a little ago to my server ip
The license ran out on new year, so i waited until today to request a new license.
Because the old one isnt running anymore and when i try to get a new mailed, there is only year 2012 covered.
So that license is invalid i guess.

After i requested a new npl license, i got an email with title saying its denied.
The reason is:
* You have provided an invalid IP address.
The IP address you provided is already being used by a licensed server.
You MUST run your server on a unique IP address.

Im a little confused right now, i mean i registered it, yes, but i cant get anywhere a valid license file so, that the server is starting again.

I thought the new register is the right way, but maybe not?

Can a Teamspeak3 Support please help me?