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    Question npl license - very confusing

    Hi Teamspeakguys,

    i registered a npl license a little ago to my server ip
    The license ran out on new year, so i waited until today to request a new license.
    Because the old one isnt running anymore and when i try to get a new mailed, there is only year 2012 covered.
    So that license is invalid i guess.

    After i requested a new npl license, i got an email with title saying its denied.
    The reason is:
    * You have provided an invalid IP address.
    The IP address you provided is already being used by a licensed server.
    You MUST run your server on a unique IP address.

    Im a little confused right now, i mean i registered it, yes, but i cant get anywhere a valid license file so, that the server is starting again.

    I thought the new register is the right way, but maybe not?

    Can a Teamspeak3 Support please help me?

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    I am not support but since I went over the support with similiar issue I can give you a hint.

    TeamSpeak3 server renew's the license automaticaly. It was told in past I think that it happends 1month before expiration.
    Nowadays it happends few days before expiration or on the very last day I heard.
    Other thing I heard is that the server has to be used in some way. Meaning that vacant servers will expire. I don't know any details but if you and few others use the server you should be fine.
    Please check if the license on the server haven't renewed in meantime.

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    I did that, already many times.
    The license only runs with this date values:

    type : Nonprofit
    start date : Fri Jul 1 00:00:00 2011
    end date : Sun Jul 1 00:00:00 2012

    In the console when i start the server with that licensekey it just say, license has expired.

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    Becuase it is expired. "end date : Sun Jul 1 00:00:00 2012"
    Please contact [email protected] to get more details or to renew your license.

    We can not do anything here.
    When sending me private messages: Please make sure to include reference link to your forum thread or post.

    TeamSpeak FAQ || What should i report, when i open a client thread?

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    Oke, to avoid misunderstanding:
    Is that copy pasted from the license.dat file on your server? Or from the license.dat file/text you received in your mail?

    Hint: ts3server had to have write permission to the license.dat file. Because without that it cannot auto-renew the license....
    Hint: In order for license to be renewed the server has to be running around and before the expiry date. So if your server was down for June & July 2012 you are out of luck and it did expired.

    Oke. Now. Are you sure that behind that IP you posted?
    Because I could connect to it, just don't know on what port your voice is.
    This is what I got from the IP you mentioned at top:
    version= build=1340956745 platform=Linux
    Now. Can you verify if you are running a server now, where, what license does it have there?(only read it/copy. dont overwrite it.)
    Or maybe someone else is running it.
    Perhaps it is wrongly started ts3server. that just hangs there.
    Could you either stop/shut/kill ts3server running on your address?
    Secondly that server which runs there, does it have a license? where exactly? it could be located elsewhere than what you think(I just want you to verify it).
    Is it NPL or free 32slot one?

    It could be lovely to get responce for each questionmark sentence.

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