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    ~~Important~~ LOST NPL

    i need help from someone who works with teamspeak

    i lost my NPL mabe months ago... but i can tell you exactly what email i used to get the NPL.

    and when i try to get a new one from the website it gives me invalids... i posted my info for the server and website, but it comes up invalid, now i do not host my own domain name but i do run the website as a sub domain, so please... reply i need help. and i need a new NPL

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    here and there..
    Mh, i would say.
    You failed cause fake mail..

    But BTT.
    Send a mail to [email protected] with our datas (Name, State/City, usw.).

    In the mail you can ask if they would post it you registred email than go to NPL-resend.

    Or create a new (sub)domain and reply for a new NPL.
    (e.g.) with our right mail, name, ...

    If nothing should work, whait 6 month and our NPL should expire. see

    Sry, these are crazy ideas and i don't know if they are all legal

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