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    twitter news

    I can imagine that some might see it intrusive.
    I can imagine some might reward me with infraction.
    And I can even imagine that some might agree on: Some fans of your product might welcome some maybe not so useful tweets but still good to know, when something happens.

    latest tweet: blacklist and update servers changed
    latest tweet response: You don't have use for CNAME records?
    latest tweet responce: For faster updates, why you have such big refresh time with such small TTL-s?

    Quote Originally Posted by ScP View Post
    That is quite true. I think IPv4 will be with us for a long time... at least for another 15 or 20 years.

    The key issue for TeamSpeak 3 right now is that a small (but growing) number of users won't be able to host the server in their local environment... and this issue has to be resolved soon.
    outdated tweet: Our website usage is growing. Therefore we had finished some testing and now improved our servers. Sadly even our new web-site doesn't report IPv6 access yet. Sight.

    outdated tweet response: praise the guy who cleaned up useless duplicate records from DNS !(www. <everyname>)
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