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Thread: Server issue.

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    Server issue.

    Hi guys.

    I might have a bought Annual Activation License (AAL) and I'm trying to set up my server. I'm using a PPOE connection. The problem is that the provider has a dynamic address protocol and when ever I restart my PC the router assigns itself and the PC other IP addresses, thus rendering the previous TS3 server I created useless. Can anyone explain how I should create the server so that even after a reboot would be still up?

    Thanks a lot!


    P.S. This is what happens if I don't read stuff before making a buy. I have the AAL licence but i dont know if I need it. I just wanted to set up a guild server. Should I have rented a server instead of actually buying a licence? I'm a bit confused now
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    If i don't get wrong, you should assing to your pc (the one that hosts the server) a static ip address and register it on or on other similar sites to make your ip not changing at every reboot.
    Personally i followed this guide. It's in spanish, but from the video you can understand hot to register the hosts ecc ecc..

    If you need a ts3 server for your guild, before buying AAL license, you were able to get a non-profit license (cost= 0 $) but you have to match to some requirments to get it, or rent a server to host your guild (cost= really cheap e.g. 2$ or less, depends on how many slots do you need).

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    Hei S.

    Thanks for the reply. So what you are telling me is that I made a mistake buying the license?
    I just want to have a server on which people from my guild can log when ever they want. I should have rented one, right?


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