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    Improve the spacers


    This is possible to change the server chat log when we perform action on spacer? Currently the message looks like this:
    <hh:ii:ss> "User" connected to channel "[cspacer]Welcome"
    This message is ugly, when we set spacer is to get designed channel, can you change the message for
    <hh:ii:ss> "User" connected to channel "Welcome"
    <hh:ii:ss> "User" connected to spacer "Welcome"
    Of course change all logs for performing action on spacer.

    In second time i would like know if spacer can added to channel type in the channel editor look like this.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	spacer.png 
Views:	185 
Size:	6.6 KB 
ID:	7374

    For complete that you can add a text field for put the characters sequence for make the separator

    Adding spacer into the description would be really usefull
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	spacer2.png 
Views:	107 
Size:	1.8 KB 
ID:	7375

    Now i will explain why i make these suggestions :
    - The channel title is limited to 40 characters, loose 8 or 10 characters is not really good
    - When we put a characters sequence the channel title is automaticly replaced or completed
    - These changes will know about this feature and its ability with a broad public without particular notions

    Sorry for my bad english, if you don't understand a part of this suggestion tell me.

    Thank you, Toine

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    A spacer is a normal channel and only the gui replaces [spacer]..... to the given name.

    I don't think that any change is needed here.
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    While improving user experience is always good and suggestions that do so are always welcome, replacing the radio buttons is not good, you still need those for regular channels.
    As mentioned spacers are nothing more than regular channels with specific settings, which are already set to the standard create dialog if you use the create spacer option.
    This will not be implemented in the foreseeable future.

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