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    Question Teamspeak disconnecting randomly


    I guess this should be the right section!

    I got a problem with my Teamspeak 3 client. Teamspeak disconnects but nothing else. Sometimes it keeps disconnecting over and over again, but then it can last for hours without any disconnect. Just before I disconnect my ping on teamspeak rises and my friends complain about my voice being laggy/robotic.

    Like, I could be playing world of warcraft and my latency in wow is normal and no lag to be spotted. Then suddenly teamspeak disconnects and it says that I lost connection then it fails to reconnect for few seconds then it reconnects again. I can't figure out what it is. I tried to reinstall teamspeak and that didn't help.

    Anyone got any ideas? I'll contact my ISP tomorrow and see if they got any ideas what it can be. I never had any trouble before, this started few weeks ago but has gotten worse lately.


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    Might be your router / firewall / security software blocking / limiting UDP traffic. Check your router (and other aforementioned suspects) for options related to flood protection / firewall / Ddos protection and disable them.

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