Version (Newest, checked right now)
QT: 4.7.2

When adding a new hotkey, i can choose between "On key down" and "On key release".
But in the german localisation, the options are reversed.
"On key down" should be "Beim drücken der Taste"
and "On key up" should be "Beim loslassen der Taste".
Same thing for the Hotkey summary, "Key (up)" is shown as "Key (drücken)" and vice versa.

This bug exists since the beta release of TS 3 and was the reason for several hotkey related bug reports. (That's why i didn't report it earlier.)
I admit it's not important, but it's ridiculous that you are not able to fix this after YEARS!
(Also, it looks very cheap, at least for a native german speaker)