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    Plug-in Overlay that is compatible with IOS and Android

    Hello TeamSpeak Forum World,
    I am currently running a faction of 60 members on a game that is downloaded through the App World and Android Market. All members of my team are playing either through an iPhone/iPad or Android phone. It is essential to me that all these members are able to be in the game while still having access to TS3 without having to exit the game. I am rather new to the VOIP world and have no idea if it is even possible to have an overlay TS3 system play through an App World game on IOS or Android. Any information/help/suggestions are greatly appreciated. Again, I am rather new to all this so please talk in general terms.
    Thanks for reading!
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    There is nothing like that available and I don't think it is even possible on these systems.

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    We offer an overlay, but this is no plugin.
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