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    After Crash nothing settings there

    I have tried to add a foot controller for hot keyactivation.

    Well, this was not a good idea because during configuration teamspeak crashed *).
    I'm now unable to create a new configuration because there is something in it he does not like.

    Is there anyway to fix this unbelievable mess without removing all settings (and all favorites)?

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    not really no...
    you might be able to fix it by modifying the settings.db file and remove what the client doesn't like (probably the hotkey config) but you'd need to know what you are doing.

    Before you attempt anything, please upload the settings.db somewhere and pm me the link, also what device exactly did you attach, where did you attach it to?
    What were you doing in TeamSpeak when you attached it? (ie. any dialogs open if so which, connected to a server or not, talking etc. anything you were doing)

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