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    You are banned permanently. banned from server and I shouldnt be

    I keep getting this message when I try to connect to my guilds ts3 server saying "You are banned permanently" But I should be and I dont show up on there ban list. I was in Guild wars 2 playing and got Dc'd and then got Dc'd from ts3 also. I tried to log back on and this is what i get:
    <08:34:49> Trying to resolve hostname
    <08:34:52> Trying to connect to server on
    <08:34:53> You are banned permanently.

    I asked my guild master and I tried restarting ts3 and even updated, unistalled it, re-installed it, and restarted my computer but nothing worked. Any ideas???

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    How do you know that your not on the ban list if you can't connect?!

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    1) This is no bug

    2) Possibly an IP is banned and you got the misfortune of having been assigned this ip.

    3) You are in fact banned.

    Whatever the cause, this doesn't really belong into our forums. Get in contact with the admin of the TeamSpeak server in question, only they can check the banlist and remove bans.

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