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    Need a little help with Push To Talk . . . .with Joystick

    Hi Guys,

    A recently started using TeamSpeak3 in Arma 2. I have Windows 7 x64 and the latest version of TeamSpeak. My flight controllers are CH Products Fighter Stick, CH Pro Throttle and CH Pro Pedals (rudder control). I am just using the "in game" key mappings for the controllers and I have dealt with any of the advanced CH Manager programming, so this is all pretty vanilla stuff.

    Arma 2 has in game voice chat which I have mapped to a hat switch on my joystick and then I also us a hat switch to map my PTT button for team speak. When I am not flying a helicopter, I'm on foot and I have a PTT TeamSpeak map to my mouse button.

    I have two monitors ad my secondary has TeamSpeak launched on it so that I can monitor the channel and see if my PTT light is lit and verify it's working.

    Here's what's happening:

    --Using the mouse button, I have seen no issue with TeamSpeak. I have also see no issues with in-game voice chat.

    --Using Joystick key mapping -- I see no issue with in-game voice chat (little microphone icon used to verify this), but in Team speak, on a fairly frequent basis, I can start talking (with PTT) and the TeamSpeak Microphone light will cut out or blink off and on a couple of times. Then when I release and repress the PTT, it is flaky. This isn't all the time, but it does seem to happen no matter if I have mapped to a hat switch or an actual momentary switch on the joystick.

    I have tried to research this but haven't really found any ideas other than to run TeamSpeak as admin. Also, I think the default input that CH joysticks send is directx input and someone suggested configuring the CH Manager to "send as key" and disable the directx input support for the keystroke. Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance


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    Client 3.0.10 includes a few fixes regarding hotkeys and joysticks, not sure if it will fix this but you might want to give it a try.
    You can also try and play around with the different hotkey detection algorithms in settings -> options -> hotkeys (above the apply button)

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