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    My server is marked as offline on the website

    My server is offline there... but when I click connect, I will connected to my server.

    What is wrong?

    I just enabled SSL and Cloudflare on my domain and then it is offline .. idk why.

    If someone can fix this, I will give them 20 paypal.


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    We cannot provide support for external services like that.
    We don't control that service, you may want to contact their support to get it fixed.
    When sending PMs please make sure to include a reference link to the thread in question in the body of your message.

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    This is most likely because of CloudFlare.
    Cloudflare is a HTTP or REST based proxy service which operates on TCP and the HTTP protocol. Teamspeak runs on UDP and it's own protocol.

    What I did to fix this, is have seperate A-records as where CloudFlare on the ts3. record is disabled: < CloudFlare enabled < CloudFlare disabled

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