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    Solved faulty teamspeak invitation

    hello there,

    when sending a link like a friend of mine and me, always getting connected to the correct server, but on the wrong port (9987 instead of 9988)

    server with port 9987 password protected
    9988 password free
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    here and there..
    looks like a bug,
    If you open the site there will show "IPREMOVED:9987" if I reaload it (F5) there are now "IPREMOVED:9988"

    But this link "ts3server://IPREMOVED?port=9988" should work every time ^^
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    The website and invitation looks fine from here.
    Port 9988 is shown on our page and the client connects to port 9988

    Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer are working fine and always use and show port 9988.

    There was a small problem with our website.
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    i used the http link to send an invitation to a friend via the steam chat, this is the only url that is clickable, after some testing i could reproduce the bug by smashing f5 to refresh the page (this was at night). i just refreshed the site maybe 50 times and the ts3link didn't change anymore, so i think problem fixed. thanks

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