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    Settings folder TS3 Client

    Hey guys how are you doing? i have a huge problem with the .run file installer method. i mean yeah its okay and fast etc etc, but where, in the name of the lord, can i find the folder where the identities, favorites, cache and all the other stuff is saved? i mean in Windows you can choose, if its in the install dir or your appdata folder.
    what i found out is, thats not in the "extracted" dir, cause if i remove it and reinstall it, my test server that i added was still in there. Also i was searching for "Teamspeak-Specific" data names, no result.

    I just want to synchronize my TS3 data from Windows 7 to my Linux Ubuntu and backwards.
    Hope one of you can help me out with a solution

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    fixed it in a different way, wine+windows client = awesome

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    This is no fix but ok.

    The folder is stored in your home folder and does have the name ".ts3client"
    This folder is hidden by default and you have to enable the ability to see these folders.

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