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    Can I host my own TS3 Server for just my clan but on a box that I rent from a company

    Okay I couldn't find any posts that was close to my problem. I rent a server box from a company, I installed my other servers for Medal of Honor: Allied Assault on there, its by remote desktop connection. I also just now installed a TeamSpeak 3 server, first time, always used Ventrilo. Now I noticed the License part saying No license, I researched it all that I could and I should be able to host it and use it for free from what I read but me also seeing that company's hosting even though they may not be charging would need to still acquire a license. Since I am on a company's box hosting this, if there is some program you guys have scanning for illegally ran servers, mine might get confused for one of them for being on a company box. I'm not sure, so I want to see what I can do or if I need to do anything at all to make sure my server doesn't get blacklisted. Is there a free license I can get, I don't need more servers or slots for teamspeak, even 32 slots is a little overkill. So any help would be appreciated, don't want to have to run it on my pc which probably wouldn't work with my router and the ping would not be good at all.

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    You can run a single TeamSpeak server on your rented server box without any problems. It's all good

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris View Post
    You can run a single TeamSpeak server on your rented server box without any problems. It's all good
    Thank you. Just wanted to make sure.

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    To clarify your confusion, there's multiple licensing options.
    1. No license. Thew server will run in severely reduced mode (32 simultaneous connections and 1 VServer max, I recall.)
    2. NPL (non-profit license), that you can acqure for free: 512 slots over 10 VServers max.
    3. Paid licenses.

    If you're satisfied with default server capacity (for a small private server, this shold be fine, IMO), there's no reason to order a license at all.
    Else, all licensing questions better asked to TS sales department over email.

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