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    Smile Forum / Site Addon, may anyone can help?

    Hi guy's
    Hope all of you stay good and have nice time!

    i have a question to do, i look for an addon like this : i have a site or forum, and i want connect it with my team speak 3 server on dettails user for join and have a basic privilage on team speak 3 they have first to registrating on forum / site after that they can join talk in proper channel etc.

    Anyone know some like this?
    I know my explain are not good, sorry for this!

    Hope to read good news and have nice day to all!

    Hyper !

    p.s i already see some addon but i not found what i ask, please let me a link or other source where i can find it.

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    Maybe this thread can help you.

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    Hi Chris!
    Thank's for the reply, yes that's can help me much.
    But i look for something speacil like this : Member have to do registration on forum/site, after that they got a clan tag when they join on team speak they have a standard permission for go in some channel, and have power to talk. If i deleted registration or i banned from it this user not have able to join anymore.

    Thank's how you know something like this.
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    that's basically explained in that thread. You will have to code the interface yourself, for the first join you'd offer people a link on your website / forum that would include a privilege key that grant a server or channel group and store additional information so that you can link the forum user to the TeamSpeak user. You can also make them join a specific channel through the link if you want.
    Then when you delete / ban the user in your forums / site you just search for that user on the TeamSpeak server and either delete him entirely or revoke his permissions. Possibilities are nearly endless.

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