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    Question NPL License request refused?

    Hey community!

    So i've applied for a NPL License because my 'hobby' server is growing and more and more people are using it. So i'm very close to the 32 slots limit.

    Three (work)days after i've applied for the NPL License, i've received an email that told me my request has been denied. In that same email, i've received two reasons why it has been denied:
    * You have provided an invalid address.  Free, anonymous email providers (such as
    yahoo, hotmail, gmail, etc) are not allowed.
    * You have provided an invalid website url.  You MUST provide a valid url to a
    working website for your organization.
    I'm 100% sure the email adres i've used is NOT free. The domain is registered to my name, and the website & mail services are running at the same server as the teamspeak 3 server. This server is maintained by me and is located in one of the datacenters in germany. Also, the URL i've provided is in fact valid, and it shows the main website is still under construction. However, i do have a teamspeak 'portal' and there is a clear message and a link to go to that part.

    Can some one explain to me why my request has been denied? Because i do not fully agree with the reasons why my request has been denied.

    Kind regards,
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    1st) That domain is registered in the Netherlands, despite it's IP being assigned to some German hosting company / data center.
    2nd) You used a subdomain instead of a TLD.
    3rd) Webpage is under construction
    4th) Domain sounds commercial.

    Not sure but any of those might have lead to the request being rejected. If you want to be sure open a support ticket with [email protected] or [email protected] (if you prefer german).

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