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    Create Channel Power.

    I'd like to use a single tier system, i.e Server Groups Only, but I'm not sure that I'll be able to do that.

    One thing I'm having difficulties with is finding Create Channel Power; I'd like to allow users to create temporary channels inside of, for example, Lobby - but only staff would be able to create channels inside of "Think Tank".

    So, Lobby would have a Needed Power of 30, which all Normal+ would have, though Think Tank would require a Needed Power of 35 - given only to staff.

    Is this possible at all?

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    There is no such permission, you either can create a channel of a certain type (temp, semi or permanent) or you don't.
    So you can say that guests can only create temporary channels, staff can create semi permanent etc.

    You can also limit it to a certain channel only by setting the permission on a channel level.

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