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    Solved [Already possible] Default Channel in Bookmarks: CID instead of Name

    In bookmarks, you are able to set a default channel to join on login.

    The problem is, that when the name of the specified channel (or its parent channel) changes, TeamSpeak can't find this channel anymore, because the channel is identified by its name.

    Would it be possible to change this so that a channel is identified by its ID instead?

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    I a totally for this idea. I have thought about this exact same thing twice in the past week. Plus I had to explain that fact to someone who joined our server.

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    Bookmarks already store the channel id (even though you can't see or change it). If the channel name was edited the bookmark still works as the client will use the stored channel id and update the channel name in the bookmark automatically. Of course this only works after being connected once but still.

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    Well my friends and I have had weird issues with the bookmarking and channels. We set default channels we want to land in when we connect, hidden channels people cannot see into. Well most of the time it works fine but sometimes when we connect we find ourselves in the main entrance instead and we have to set up our channel again with that refresh button. I have no idea what would be the cause of that but it gets very frustrating.

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