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    Inherit a lack of inheritance.

    Lobby (Default)
    > Channel2
    > Channel3 (Target)

    Inside of Channel3, I give Clients

    i_channel_max_depth = 3

    These are defined in a Channel group, and given only in that channel.
    The point is that within Channel3, Clients can create temporary channels to have Admin over - but these channels are deleted upon leaving.

    The problem is that with inheritance, Clients receive the specific channel group inside of the temporary channels - and when clients have this Channel Group they are unable to have their channel group set to anything else (Voice, Op, Admin)

    This can be fixed by manually editing the temporary channel, toggling b_channel_group_inheritance_end to be off - forcing clients that join the channel to no longer inherit the Channel group from Channel3.

    Problem is, I have to do this for every channel that appears, despite how briefly it may exist. And if the same channel is created tomorrow after everyone has gone to bed, I will have to do it again.

    Is there any way to work around this?

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    If you set the inheritance_end on Channel 3 it should work.

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