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    Change TS3 Query Port


    I would like to change my Query port on my Teamspeak 3 server.

    I have tried changing the query port setting in the .ini file but with no success.
    I have also tried adding the "query_port=xxxx" parameter in the shortcut to the .exe but with no success as well.
    (obviously both before restarting the server)

    After I applying the above settings, the server seems to load normally, but I cannot connect to it via my client.
    I even tried connecting to the server via localhost, but that too doesn't work.

    Only when I reset the port back to 10011 fixes the problem. Any other port seems to make the server unreachable (I want port 80 or 443).

    Am I missing something?

    Thanks in advace.

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    If you specify query_port, you also need to specify query_ip

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    Question Where is tehe .ini File ?

    I have a server on VPS with CentOS, can you tell me where is the .ini File ?


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    There is none. Read the documentation. Please note that, although stated otherwise in the documentation, inifile has no default and therefore must be passed as parameter.

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