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    Solved Public Todo List

    Is it possible to publish something like development plan to the future, like public TODO list?For example I'd like to know if I can look forward to work with selections through hyperlinks.It's good,do you think so?

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    People are already getting way to excited about stuff we might be thinking about, and then complain when it's not done.
    So no, we are not going to get people excited about something that might not make it.

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    I have experienced this with a software called TrueCrypt. They have something like a "Future" section where they document the things they plan on adding. They have had on their list the ability to make encrypted dvd's for backup. I have drooled over this feature for years and it has never shown up. SO I can appreciate the TeamSpeak's view on this. It is frustrating when you see some official list of "We are going to do the following..." and it not happening either ever or a really long time.

    I think how they do it currently is good enough, if its on their "todo" list then just wait and see if it shows up. One day you will be surprised and delighted I am sure I bet most things on their todo list do eventually get done, its just a matter of time and priority,

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