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    Cant use Token on new VS


    Fist of all sry for my bad english

    well as the Topic said, after i started the server i wanted use the token but just getting an error.

    insufficient client permissions --> and the Token use button is Grey.

    Well i thougt im not stupid and tried to get me server querry admin right via putty/Windows telnet, but im getting an error all the time ( error id=512 msg=invalid\sclientID

    After this i tried this --> privilegekeyuse token={tokenKey} didnt worked too -.-

    Now is the question how can i get rights on my Vs server ? i used Putty and Windows telnet

    Thx for the help
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    It seems the guests do not have permissions to use privilege keys.

    do the following in the query:
    login serveradmin PASSWORD
    servergroupautoaddperm sgtype=15 permsid=b_virtualserver_token_use permskip=1 permvalue=1 permnegated=0
    afterwards you should be able to use the privilege key.

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