Hello i just installed the 32bit TS server on a windows PC for personal use !
By personal use i mean :

I have 15 friends with who i play all the time ....and skype or yahoo is..awful ......it`s not a solution ...
So we have tried TS...the only problem was..that on the servers we connected ...well..we had no privacy .... so i have installed a TS server .

The only problem is that my router is connected via PPPoE ..so every time i reset my router or the internet drops... my IP changes ....any chance to some how have a static IP if..my connection is PPPoE ?
If i use a vpn..will it work ? or..some how..to have a static Ip..and not the one from the router 192.168.x.xxx ..because on that IP..i can connect only the devices connected to the router ..

Kind Regards,