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    NPL expired, cannot start server, or lower maxclients

    Hi, I've run a TS for friends and family for years now. Recently, the server stopped working. The log indicates that my NPL has expired. According to what I've read and NPL is supposed to automatically renew itself. Apparently mine has not.

    2013-02-02 01:40:19.489065|ERROR   |Accounting    |   | License ID: 0 expired
    2013-02-02 01:40:19.490065|ERROR   |ServerLibPriv |   | Server() error while starting servermanager, error: license date not ok
    I attempted to remove the license file and just have the server run with the lower maxclient limit, but it will not start saying:

    2013-02-02 02:04:57.121365|ERROR   |VirtualSvrMgr |   | loading VirtualServer(1) failed to start, error: max slot limit reached
    My assumption is that the server is still trying to use the 512 maxclient limit. I cannot find any way to lower the maxclient limit without the server being functional.

    I even gave up and applied for a new license, but was denied due to:
    The IP address you provided is already being used by a licensed server. You MUST run your server on a unique IP address.
    What can I do to resolve this?

    == Matt

    OS: Windows Server 2008 Enterprise SP2 (64-bit)
    TS3 Server: 64-bit

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    easiest way to get it running fast would be to open the db and manually edit the server settings so the total slots is <=32 and number of virtual servers is =1

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    Thanks, I'll give it a shot. Any idea which table/field I'm looking for?

    Edit: NM, I got it. And changing the value worked like a charm. Thanks Screech.

    For anyone wondering, it's the virtualserver_maxclients field in the server_properties table. Make sure you're editing the value for the correct virtualserver (mine is id 1). Obviously in my particular circumstance you'd have to disable any further virtualservers if you had more than 1 (I didn't).

    Further help for others: SQLite Database Browser makes this process quite simple. And make sure you back up the database file before editing.

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