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    Post Non Profit Licence - Confused

    Last year I managed to get a non-profit licence for my clan in order to gain 512 slots for our server. However, this year things seem to have changed quite a bit. Our clan is growing and we require a bit more than 32 slots. Our Teamspeak is running off of our dedicated which we are paying quite a lot for.

    Here's where the confusion comes in. Following this image we need to register for a non-profit licence. However, just before I apply for the licence I notice this line:

    When we verify your website, it CANNOT have any donation buttons or advertising of any kind.
    Now, forgive me if I'm wrong, but surely every clan that registers for that licence is getting some sort of donations from somewhere. There are very little clans (if any) that would gladly pay alot of money every month for a server without getting some form of donation (especially if the clan has more than 32 members).

    If we can't get any donations from our community, how are we supposed to pay for Teamspeak? We don't want more slots for business use, only personal use and we certainly do not intend to make any profit (hence why we need a non-profit licence).

    Please can someone explain to me why a clan should not be allowed to accept donations.

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    The regulations and requirements are there for a reason and they are not open for discussion. If you don't like it, or do not want to comply with the requirements you simply don't have to register for the license.

    If you want to have donations or advertising you need to get a paid license (like the AAL) which allows for that.

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    It is true the rules are the rules. Although I share your opinion, I think the issue is that the TeamSpeak guys have no way of knowing what the "donations" are being used for. So pretty much its just a bad idea to go asking people for donations on your site because it is a total breech of the requirements/limits.

    I host my NPL server on a cheap $5/month linux VPS and it works quite well. Perhaps if you apply for NPL with a dedicated website just for your clan and not ask for donations that might be enough. If you have a dedicated server for other purposes you would have to ask for donations elsewhere I bet. Not 100% sure though.

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