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    Group to only be assigned to oneself


    I am looking for a solution for a "No-Poke" group. I want people on my server to decide theirselves if others are able to poke them or not. For that purpose i created a group with a high needed poke power. The problem is that other people can remove the group from people who assigned the group to theirselves.

    I'd love to have a solution, thanks in advance!

    best regards

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    As stated in multiple threads: Either you can assign / remove a group or you cannot, there is no way to limit this to only yourself. If you can you can assign it to anyone you are allowed to tamper with.

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    I would like to see an "Apply to self only" feature for a server group. My server has several server groups for games etc but anyone can go toggling on off on off on off to anyone in the server. No way of stopping it without taking that pride exclaiming feature away.
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