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    Make Teamspeak3 Client proxy enabled...

    Hi there,

    I've a suggestion which might help some people, it would definitely help me in some situations.
    Please include SOCKS v5 support as described in RFC1928 into the TeamSpeak3-Client!
    It would help me and others to use TeamSpeak behind firewalls and proxy servers.


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    Making it easy for people to use a proxy would incredibly weaken the ability for server owners to prevent annoying people from coming back. Having such an option will mean people can just use and share proxy IP's and just keep coming over and over. At least if people want to easily do that they need to pay for a VPN. You can use a VPN and get to a TS server via the VPN server and thus will have the same end result as if you were using a socks5 proxy. I have a linux VPS I setup my own openvpn server on for other reasons and teamspeak also goes through it easily without issue. If teamspeak has gone this long without socks 5 support I highly doubt they will spontaneously add it now. You might want to look into some cheap VPN solutions.

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