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    serveradmin (Interface) appears on the server

    Hello everyone,

    first of all, I'm from Germany. I apologize now for mistakes . But now here is my problem:

    If I login into the Interface from Teamspeak and use the "use sid=1" command, I appear on the server with the name "serveradmin from xxx" (xxx is my IP). But if I use "use sid=4" for our second server, I won't appear. I tested it with our third server, too, but I only appear on our first server .

    My Question now is, how can I fix that?

    Thanks for help,

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    Do you connect using bookmarks?
    Check if you enabled "Show Server Query clients" in the resp. bookmark.

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    oh, thanks. But I can adjust it, that they will not show anyway?

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    That option is disabled by default so they won't be shown.
    You can remove the i_client_serverquery_view_power from your group / every group and then nobody can see it.

    You cannot however prevent the ip address from being inside your name, it's the default name to ensure a unique name for each query.
    You can rename yourself after the use command though, just use "clientupdate client_nickname=MyName" (without the quotes).

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