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    Question Intermittent packet loss problems

    I will try to describe the problem as accurately as possible.

    Setup: AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 5600+, 2 Gigs of RAM, 100MBit/s Network Connection
    Software: Ubuntu 12.04 x64, TS v3.0.6.1, MySQL Server, Apache Webserver, not much else

    Since round about a month, running v3.0.6.1 with the MySQL backend, we get sporadic issues with packet loss for some clients (not always the same). The server is running with 2% or less load on the box, we have plenty of free RAM and nothing seems amiss. You might even say, we waste ressourcces because we run so little on the box .

    The problem: sometimes (rarely, sometimes not for 2 hours, sometimes after 10 minutes), clients experience packet loss and the ping variation goes up (like: 20ms +- 200ms in the connection info view). This lasts for a few seconds and then returns to normal. It does not happen for all clients at once (with say 50 Clients connected in different channels), but rather just one or two at the same time (and those are not necessarily in the same location or network, eliminating routing as the cause).

    During the issue, affected clients can't be understood. This is not a severe problem, as it doesn't occur constantly, but still I would like to be able to solve or at least understand the cause of the phenomenom.

    Some further info: an affected client sent ICMP PING packets to the server at the same time, but those packets didn't experience packet loss or higher ping. This makes me think it has something to do with the way UDP packets are handled on the server.

    We do not run wondershaper or anything else, just basic IPTABLES rules to open necessary ports.

    Any hints would be much appreciated,

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    It might just be that the clients are having network / load / udp issues. It doesn't have to be the server.

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    I'm not saying it has to be the server, or the teamspeak software specifically, but since this sometimes happens to multiple clients at the same time, the issue must be caused by something that I had suspected to be outside of client influence. I might be wrong. Still, this seemed to be the appropriate section to post the question .

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    Quote Originally Posted by eViLsTieFel View Post
    This makes me think it has something to do with the way UDP packets are handled on the server.
    I would say the issue has something to do with the way UDP packets, or the udp traffic, are handled between the server and the clients. That could be some rule or option in the firewall, maybe in the server side, maybe in the client side (maybe clients are in different locations but are using a similar adsl router, or antivirus, or ethernet card, for exemple).

    Also, in modern PCs, there are options that affect to UDP in the same ethernet card:
    but it seems in this case affect to the connection itself more than a packet loss.

    Also "Some VPS have filters which will trigger is a certain number of UDP pakets per second arrive"

    Maybe, in client side, the router is limiting the incoming UDP traffic when the user is playing:

    Sometimes, in client side, some routers have "SPI firewall" that affects to the traffic:

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