Hi !

Since a few days, I found a problem between the TS3 Overlay and World of Warcraft. The concern is that the overlay takes into account the parameters of DirectX 11 and earlier, and when I put the game in DirectX 11 is not taken into account because of the Overlay.

We fount a temporary solution was to start the game and the placing on DirectX 11 before launch TeamSpeak, which functioned until the next restart of the game where he repositioned on DirectX 9.

So, even disabling the parameter support for Direct3D 11 Overlay on, the problem was still here. So I had to disable this plugin if I could not play properly on World of Warcraft.

This problem is already listed ? If yes, is there a solution to this concern because Overlay me are very useful to know who connects to the server and who will speak.

Thank you in advance for answers that you bring me and sorry for my basic English.

Best Regards,