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    [Suggestion] Echo reduction multitab handling

    Got this as a request for CrossTalk, however this one I figure should probably be in the client long-term.

    While, yes, echo reduction is placed in the config ui for the capture device, it's ideally a master (playback) effect dsp wise (as the user would want any voices ducked to reduce echos), so I'd categorize this as minor design flaw of this function, probably it's just been missed.
    Generally I'd assume just letting the echo reduction handle all tabs with one global setting would be sufficient, however if advanced setups require otherwise, its place might be more appropriate in the playback config ui. Admittedly, in consequence this would spread out the "echo" features over two config ui windows.

    In Addendum, currently I do wonder how to actually access this setting via the plugin sdk.
    It isn't listed in the docs as preprocessor value (making sense, since it doesn't process any input), and to get it via SQLite I'd have to find out about the current (capture) profile name, which there is no way to get it that I know of. Under cet. par. assumption at this point of my knowledge I'd have no choice but to establish an unlinked reduction setting for other tabs as an interims solution.
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    All Tabs playing back to the same device are getting used for echo cancellation, so it's already multi tab.

    Use ts3client_setPreProcessortConfigValue with ident echo_canceling and value "true" to enable and "false" to disable.

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    I'm referring to the "echo reduction" feature though, not to the "echo cancellation" feature
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