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    Preventing Channel Name Change negates other Channel permissions

    Applying the permission to prevent modifying channel names, also inhibits channel admins from making changes to their channels topic/password/desc ect.. for some reason even though they have permission to do so.

    Technical details
    Server: teamspeak3-server_linux-amd64-
    Permission Set: b_channel_modify_name = 0 , which prevents modifying channel names.

    This negates the following permissions:

    So if a channel admin wanted to change his channels password, description, topic, ect... but not modify the name what so ever, it would still return an error, "Insufficient b_channel_modify_name ..."

    What can i do to resolve this issue, allow Channel Admins to modify properties mentioned above without changing channel name?

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    There was a bug that has been fixed in client 3.0.10 which is available as a beta client.

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