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    Noob Needs Help with Server/Channel Groups & Permissions

    Hi, I am completely new to TS3 as an Admin. I am completely stuck on as to how to limit the joining of channels to specific groups of users. (Whether this should be Server Groups or Channel Groups, I again dont know). Here is my setup and what I want to accomplish.

    Server Root
    ->Lounge (Everyone may join and speak)
    ->Game #1
    -->All Teams (Everyone may join and speak)
    -->Team 1 (Only members of team 1 may join)
    -->Team 2 (Only members of team 2 may join)

    If anyone has has the patience to help me out it'd be greatly appreciated.

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    You're better off using a channel group for this.
    Just create a channel group (copied from the guest group), I will call it "Allow Access" for now you may call it whatever you like.
    Add i_channel_join_power with a value of 30 to that channel group.
    Right click the Team 1 channel and click channel permissions, set i_channel_needed_join_power to 30.
    Repeat the previous step for Team 2.

    Now nobody (except admins) can join Team 1 or 2 unless you give them the "Allow Access" group in the respective channel.

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    thank you so much, after doing it, it seems so simple. I guess I just needed some time to get used to this program.

    Just another quick question, not sure if you can answer it or not. Do you know do to display client server group name behind or in front of their name? I know i had it once, now I cant find it

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    Just add the i_group_show_name_in_tree permission to the group you want the name to show. You can then select whether to show it before or after the name.

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    Sort users by groups

    I have a multi game TS3 server and I'd like to make groups based on games and give each group their own default channel while preventing them from joining channels of other games. Is this possible?

    For example all guest log in Lobby and can't switch to other channels.
    After a user is assigned with a group for example "Allods Online" or "Tera Online", their default channel is changed and they can only enter sub channels for their game.

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    You cannot change the default channel of other users based on a server setting.
    The only thing you can do is have them use password which put them in a certain channel (unless they manually specified a different channel themselves).

    As for limiting them to specific channels there are several threads and posts about it. See this post, or this post.

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