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    Server configuration missing after power fail


    yesterday I had a power fail and after I started my servers the TS3 server seems to lost his configuration.
    * the additional virtual Servers are missing at all
    * the channels are missing
    * the users are missing
    * the hole permission part is missing
    * etc.

    I looked into all files (without changing something) even into the SQLite file and found nothing. But with the client I'm able to get the list of posted URL's so the server knows at least something from the time between.

    Would be greate if someone could help me.

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    The list of posted urls is local in the client that is no server feature.
    Are you sure that your database is consistent?

    What do the logs of your teamspeak server show?

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    That's the point. But I don't know how to find out if the database is constant. Isn't there something like a Logfile where I could see all the changes that I did?

    I have now Logfiles between 20120920 and 20130219 ... is that normal?

    In the logfile it says: "checking database integrity (may take a while)" but there is no info if it is consistant or not.

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    If the check passes there won't be any notification in the logs.
    The TeamSpeak server won't delete log files by itself so yes, it is normal that you have logs from the timeframe you had your server running.
    Since the server crashed unexpectedly it might be that the database changes hadn't been stored to disk yet (especially if write cache is enabled).

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