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    Solved [Suggestion] Push to mute : not toggle to mute

    Hey guys I use ts3 often to play with my outfit in planetside 2 a lot and it is a lot better then the in game voice, but I often to have to use the in game voice for planetside 2 to communicate with people that are not in my outfit teamspeak though.

    I have done a search and I cannot find any way beside the toggle mute button which is very annoying because I have to push the key twice to get my voice activation to work again in teamspeak and I also hear mic muted mic activated every time I use it. I know I can turn the sound off but I do not know of a way to make it where I do not have to push the key twice to activate my mic.

    I would like a feature that is just like the push to talk key binding but it is the opposite which is push to mute. It does not tell you your mic is muted and reactivates your mic when the key is lifted. This will get rid of the double feedback for my outfit members that are in my teamspeak if I use the in game voice option to communicate message to people that are not in my teamspeak.

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    Already possible:
    Add two new Hotkeys, one for Enable Local Mic Mute, which you set as onKeyDown to say Ctrl, the second one which you will set for OnKeyUp on the same Key to Disable Local Mic Mute as action.

    More or less exactly what you asked for

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    Thank you so much.

    It was weird though and I think it had to do with my wireless keyboard I had to switch the onkeyDown and onkeyup commands.

    I will be direction my other outfit mates to this

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