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    How do I make it so people can't add or remove another group icon to a higher rank?

    Let's say I have a group called Super Admins..

    and another group called Regular member

    there is a group called Sourbelts... and its a group that Regular members can add and remove to anyone and everyone... except for the Super admins.

    What permissions is this that stops people from adding to the Super Admins?

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    The "official reply" from some users would include "use forum search" or similar
    What you want is not possible, if an user or group has the perrmission to grant groups he can grant it to everyone.

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    I have it as super admin Query where the admins under me.. can add icons to everyone else.. but not to me.

    I just cant figure out why they have all the powers to add icons to everyone else.. except for me

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    You should never add any client to the query groups!!!! Doing this is not only not supported and frowned upon but also completely unnecessary.

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    You can use i_client_permission_modify_power to restrict people adding server groups to people... Some people say this is impossible but I just tested it on my VPS backup server.

    I made two server groups "Top Level Test" and "Bottom Level Test" I assigned a power of 1 and need of 1 to the Bottom group and a power of 2 and need of 2 to the Top group. The top group can assign a random servergroup I made to the Bottom guy, but the Bottom guy could not assign that same random server group to the Top guy because it complained about "insufficient client permissions (failed on i_client_needed_permission_modify_power)"


    Chris, I think mostly people go assigning that for looks/online cred lol. It serves no purpose, people might as well just create their own server group with a cool name and icon than go using query admin group.
    Last edited by Morthawt; February 26th, 2013 at 07:21 AM. Reason: Didn't specify I meant this applies to server groups only..

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    ANY server group is preferable, especially seeing that usually those who feel the need to do enlarge their e-peen are those with lack of knowledge over the permission system. Thus they easily break their servers and then complain about stuff not working, or their servers getting "hacked".
    tl;dr: It is not supported, never was and never will be.

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