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    Help for setting permission in heritage

    Hi guys

    I would appreciate if anyone can help me with ts permission. I was reading the forum thread about how to setting the permission for subchannels inheriting from other but it doesn't work for me because I'am forgetting some detail.

    I have three Guilds in the ts3 server and I want separate each one with a password and the subchannels in the guild master channel inherit the permissions from it.

    Guild1 ----> locked with password
    Party1 ....inherit permissions from Guild1 channel
    Party2 ....inherit permissions from Guild1 channel
    AFK ....inherit permissions from Guild1 channel
    Semi-AFK ....inherit permissions from Guild1 channel
    Offical channel ....inherit permissions from Guild1 channel
    Guild2 -----> locked with password
    Offical channel
    Guild3 -----> locked with password
    Offical channel

    Thanks in advance


    create a new channel group:
    b_channel_join_permanent: check
    i_channel_join_power: -1
    b_channel_group_inheritance_end: check
    edit your virtual server:
    expan [more...]
    open the 5th tab and select the new channel group at "Channel Group"
    set i_channel_needed_join_power -1 for "|-Subchannel" <----------------I don't understand well Where exactly it must be do.

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    I like to think I know the permissions relatively well after all the work and time I have spent using them. I looked at that other thread and was very confused. I attempted to just follow those steps to see what would happen and my second sub channel still would not let me join it after setting a needed power on its parent.

    Very confusing. I do not think what you want to do is possible, as far as I am aware that inheritance is only regarding channel groups assigned to people being carried into sub-channels only and nothing to do with channel permissions being inherited.

    Who knows, I could be wrong though as I have not experimented with that idea.

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    Re: Help for setting permission in heritage

    Are you asking if channel passwords get inherited?

    I have a parent channel with a few sub channels. Whatever channel group I set in the parent gets inherited down. The channel permissions set in the parent do not get inherited, they have to be set in each sub channel.

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    Inherit password is in TO-Do list.

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