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    Solved TS3 Overlay + "Platform Update For Windows 7" (KB2670838) Crashing Star Trek Online

    This doesn't appear to have been reported yet (at least not according to Google), but after installing that new "Platform Update for Windows 7" (KB2670838) there appears to be an issue with Star Trek Online crashing on launch. Another user mentioned that they were able to fix the crashing by disabling the TS3 overlay, and then several others reported that they had been using the overlay at the time of the crash as well.

    I have yet to test this with any other games, as I immediately uninstalled the "Platform Update" once I realized that it wasn't just a video driver issue (uninstalling the update resolved the crashing issue and I did not personally try disabling the TS3 overlay). I have thus far only tested this on Windows 7 x64 SP1, so I do not know if Windows 8 also has issues after its "Platform Update", or if the 32-bit Windows 7 is effected as well.

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    apparently the combo of TS3 overlay and that update are breaking a bunch of programs. Mechwarrior online, And I had problems with Planetside 2 also. Both were crashing fast or in the case of MWO it I wouldnt get passed the startup videos....

    After I disabled the overlay it all programs work fine again.

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    Finally someone pointed to the cause of the problem! I can confirm that un-installing the KB2670838 patch on Windows 7 (32-bit) has resolved the issue. Before, the overlay was working no longer with any of my games. Battlefield 3 even would not start any more when the plugin was enabled. After I uninstalled the Windows Update the overlay is working again and BF3 has no problems with it.
    How to uninstall the patch:
    Open the windows "control panel". Open "programs and functions", "show installed updates". Search for KB2670838 (you can paste it in the search box on the top right) and uninstall it. Reboot is required.

    Now if you wonder what you "loose" if you uninstall the windows update:
    It looks like all it did was introduce some features of DirectX 11.1 (which will only be fully available in Windows 8) to Windows 7.
    You can find more information about that here:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Monky View Post
    Now if you wonder what you "loose" if you uninstall the windows update:
    You also won't be able to install Internet Explorer 10, as the Platform Update for Windows 7 is required for IE10.

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    Version 3.7.17 or newer of the overlay fixed the incompatibility with the Platform update.

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