This doesn't appear to have been reported yet (at least not according to Google), but after installing that new "Platform Update for Windows 7" (KB2670838) there appears to be an issue with Star Trek Online crashing on launch. Another user mentioned that they were able to fix the crashing by disabling the TS3 overlay, and then several others reported that they had been using the overlay at the time of the crash as well.

I have yet to test this with any other games, as I immediately uninstalled the "Platform Update" once I realized that it wasn't just a video driver issue (uninstalling the update resolved the crashing issue and I did not personally try disabling the TS3 overlay). I have thus far only tested this on Windows 7 x64 SP1, so I do not know if Windows 8 also has issues after its "Platform Update", or if the 32-bit Windows 7 is effected as well.