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    Question Server for LAN (Tunngle, Hamachi etc.) - How to ?

    Does anyone know how to limit a Teamspeak Server so its only connectable by VPN/LAN tools such as Hamachi, Tunngle etc. ??

    Because you can't really bind a specific IP to Teamspeak as far as I know. Or is there a way to make that possible ? Any help is appreciated.


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    That question makes no sense at all. There are three steps you have to do to have people connect on your server by anything else than LAN and VPN:

    • setup your firewall
    • forward ports
    • spread the IP

    Now you simply pick one of these and don't it.

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    First, why in the world would you make connecting to a server so hard as having the guest run VPN software rather than just setting up the TS3 server as normal on Fixed IP LAN PC and forward TS3 traffic hitting the router to that PC? If you want to secure it just set a password.

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    You can limit the server to only listen to a specific IP by using the voice_ip parameter on server startup. See serverquickstart.txt in the doc folder for more information.

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