Hello, i have a problem to display complaints, it happens with boths query and GUI

In query i tried this

login Magissia <my password>
use port=9987
error id=0 msg=ok  (22 ms)
error id=0 msg=ok  (86 ms)
virtualserver_status=online virtualserver_id=1 virtualserver_unique_identifier=xxxxxxxxDiwROTovQ9Eq9wFAaBQ= virtualserver_port=9987 client_id=29 client_channel_id=1 client_nickname=[Server]\sMagissia\sfrom\s89.xxx.xxx.xxx:54964 client_database_id=390 client_login_name=Magissia client_unique_identifier=xxxxxxxxxxJ3UPZ9pDK+187QBU4= client_origin_server_id=1
error id=0 msg=ok  (19 ms)
error id=512 msg=invalid\sclientID(51 ms)
Total: 178 ms
When opening the complain list in GUI, i get "invalid clientID" shown on main channel, i tried from and clients. Server is running on Windows, version

- Note :
All users with b_client_complain_list right have this problem. No errors when adding new complains.