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    Move Server without ts3server.ini to configured ts3server.ini

    Hello, it's my first post here
    Sorry for my english i'm a frenchie =D

    So, i use a VPS server, on Debian Squeeze Updated.

    I have install teamspeak 3 server x86, it's run so good but i have make one mistake (not so small)

    I have run my server with command:
    ./ start
    Without ts3server.ini i know know it's bad but i need at the moment to run so fast a teamspeak 3 for my team...

    Now i have create a good ts3server.ini and i want to know how to switch users and channel of the virtual server in fix server, because i run two session of Teamspeak 3.

    One with licence 512 for my team and a second for public people..

    I can run virtual server without ts3server.ini (default port 9987) and a second server with ts3server.ini (port 9986 for example) but i can't add password on the first server

    I want to correct that mistake without burn the work of my admin (created channel, groupe, added icon ect..ect...)

    But how if it's possible ?

    Thank a lot for your reply

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    First, you must reduce the number of slots on the licensed server to 480.
    Then you need a QueryClient with snapshot support, like my own one called YaTQA. Because both server will usually be using the same query port (10011), it is advisable to shut down your licensed server for some minutes. Now you start your unlicensed server and use YaTQA to connect to it. Go to the "Servers" tab and select the server. Now go to the "Miscelleanous" tab and create a snapshot. After that, shutdown the unlicensed server and start the licensed one. Use YaTQA to connect to this server and restore the snapshot file you created.

    You need to have both servers' "serveradmin" passwords created on the first start. If not, you can find a sticky in the server support forum.

    You can now move the folder "channel_0" from the filebase of your unlicensed server to the filebase of the new server of your licensed server. This will restore all users' avatars and icons.

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    There is no need to use 3rd party software for this, it is possible with just the plain server and any telnet client (e.g. putty) using serversnapshotcreate and serversnapshotdeploy. See the FAQ.

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    Hello, numma_cway, thank for your reply
    Hello, Chris if i really understand (i'm tired it's not win xD)
    I can make a snapshot (a clone) of my unconfigured server (without ts3server.ini) to deploy into the configured server ?

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    yes, you will have to stop the virtual server in the old instance though, otherwise the new one won't start.

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    So i make this:
    Backup of all files and folders of the ts3 unconfigured. (check)
    I go to the directory of ts3 server unconfigured and launch command ./ stop (to stop the virtual server unconfigured).
    I snap the virtual server unconfigured

    I deploy the snap or i launch the configured server before and i deploy the snap ?

    Sorry for my lot of question but i don't to break the work of my other teammate

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    You'd have to create the snapshot before you stop the instance.
    Then you can stop the old one, launch the new one and deploy the snapshot.

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