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    Failed to connect to server

    I have tried connecting to a server but it is not connecting it only shows:

    <13:28:39> Trying to resolve hostname *******
    <13:28:43> Trying to connect to server on ******
    <13:28:50> Failed to connect to server

    *= letters that i changed on here

    and in client log

    06/03/2013 13:28:50 ClientUI Info Failed to connect to server, want autoreconnect = 0

    Any ideas to fix as it works for other ts3 servers?

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    You can use search function, there are many answers about this issue, e.g.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kinglemon View Post
    Any ideas to fix as it works for other ts3 servers?
    This thread talks about a similar server:

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    tried that didn't work

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    Before doing following triple check your pc firewall, antivirus and anything that could block you. Don't forget about router/modem if you use it to connect to the internet. Try some other pc/notebook from same network(your home) accessing server in question.

    Contact the person who hosts the server or maintains it.
    Tell him that you can't connect, your IP, and output from your pc "ping server_ip_here".
    Perhaps also include output of "traceroute server_ip_here"
    Ask them to login to their server and do: trace to your_ip, and then ping your_ip

    If their server can't ping your pc or your pc can't ping their server either they/their provider has to look where is the problem, or your internet provider.

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